About Mark Ortman
Brief Summary: Mark has been working in the field of communication over two and a half decades as a consultant, coach, workshop leader and mediator.  His Masters degree is in Communication from the University of Denver and he is a Certified Mediator Practitioner (CMP). Mark is a ten-time award winning instructor and author of five books, including: Now That Makes Sense!
Biography: Growing up in a family with three older brothers and one younger brother, Mark quickly recognized the value of communication. Little did he realize reading Dale Carnegie's book How to Win Friends and Influence People at nine years old would change his life. In 1982, Mark received his Masters degree in Communication from the University of Denver. Upon graduation, he accepted a position with Dale Carnegie Training® and certified as an instructor in the Effective Speaking and Human Relations program. Over twelve years, Mark coached and listened to more than 24,000 personal stories students shared about working and interacting with people. Patterns emerged leading to his first book titled: Now That Makes Sense, a collection of quotations relating to people. He went on to became a ten-time national award winning instructor.

In 1993, Mark proposed a workshop he designed titled: It's Not What We Say, It's How We Say It! to Bellevue College in Washington State. This course has grown in popularity over the years, resulting in a Part Two version by the same title; focusing on advanced communication skills. Over the years, these workshops have been presented to thousands of people from municipalities, corporations and colleges around the country.

In 2002, Mark began his journey as a Certified Mediator Practitioner (CMP) and has mediated cases including: workplace, marriage dissolution, neighborhood and small claims. Customers requested more about conflict resolution resulting in a third workshop titled: Dealing With Discord - The Manager As Mediator designed to teach a simple, yet powerful method to facilitate resolution between others.

Mark's other books include: The Teacher's Book of Wit, So Many Ways to Say Thank You, A Simple Guide to Self-Publishing and A Simple Guide to Marketing Your Book. His books have sold nearly 90,000 copies in five continents, and is currently working on a new book titled: The Essential Guide to Resolving Differences.

As a hobby, Mark composes music in his home studio. People liken his relaxing music to a soundtrack in a movie. In 2014, he released his second album titled: Journeys. Mark currently resides in Bellingham, WA.